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Love Books Like We Do?

This is the place for you! 

In each of our therapy sessions, we aim to include books for our children.  We know that not all children like to sit and be read to BUT usborne books has a unique way of helping us engage our children with drawback vehicles, sensory experiences and more!

Some of Our Favorites

Why We Joined

We decided to become a representative with Usborne because we have received MANY questions as to where we get the books we use in therapy (and we also like discounts).  We also believe in the research that supports Literacy-Based Instruction as Speech-Language Pathologists.

It is important to let you know that we do make a small commission based on the books purchased through our partner link below. HOWEVER, we share these books because they've been a positive part of our sessions and we hope that you and your children find as much joy in using them as we do.  

So if you treat your shelf, please know that we appreciate you and we can't wait to hear about your experience with these books.  

Shop + Learn More

We are passionate about building a love for literacy from an early age and can't wait to connect with others who aspire to do the same.  We love not only helping you find books for your littles but also assisting you with ideas of how to implement the books with your children in ways to work on language skills

To Shop or Request to Host A Party Click The Button Below.  If you have a specific question you can email to learn more about these books.

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