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Family Testimonials




Nia from this company is great. She comes almost every week. I never have to worry about her not showing up and not knowing what's going on. If something happens and she can't come to do speech therapy she lets me know as soon as possible. She does the same thing if she is running late. However she's rarely ever late. My daughter loves her and she does well when she has speech therapy with Nia. My daughter has made a huge improvement in her speech since working with Nia.

Kristin, the owner is also wonderful. I recently had to call her because my insurance sent me something regarding speech in the mail that I didn't understand and had me a little worried. Kristin answered my questions and eased my nerves. I'm very thankful for this company.




We were so blessed to have Anyssa as our speech therapist!  She is so loving ,fun and professional .  Her positive energy is contagious!My son enjoyed each and every one of her amazing lessons :) It was a true privilege to have HER as our teacher.  Couldn’t say enough good things about her…. She is the best!                                                                        - Ellie Karlin


Kristin is a phenomenal speech therapist. Since she has started working with my son, he has been able to better communicate non verbally (with AAC). She is always happy to see him and he absolutely adores her. Her endless patience and encouragement from day one helped my son become more enthusiastic with his communication and learning. He is always excited to see and play with her and I feel like he is continually learning something new with each and every visit.  - Kaitlyn Chase


Nia Lombardo is an awesome person, she’s super friendly and she helped my daughter a lot with the speech therapy. I recommend her a lot. Thank you Nia for your work! Cristiano Oliveira


Life-changing! The impact that Kristin has had on my family, specifically my toddler, has been just that.

After my son wasn’t making much progress with his original SLP we were set up with Kristin. From day one she has seamlessly bonded with my son and actually gotten through to him and figured out what works for him! That is so important when working with little ones. She met him right where he was in his language development. She didn’t force him to learn her way or have unrealistic expectations for him. She took away the stress I know he was feeling from his previous therapist.

Pretty much immediately she educated us on the benefits of trying an AAC device to aide in communication. I was shocked that we hadn’t been offered or even spoken to about trying alternative means of communication. We applied and received our device shortly thereafter and it has been a game changer!!! In just two months with the AAC and her coaching my son is communicating his basic needs, learning shapes, colors, and animal recognition!!! My son has a receptive and expressive delay and I am amazed at how much this device has helped us all! My son is using the device, sign language, and some spoken words to communicate now!

Kristin is so caring and patient with children and their parents. She truly cares about their progression and helping them in anyway she can. She listens every single session to me ask questions and allows me to give updates on the progress we made that week, and that means SO MUCH!! She has helped me several times with book recommendations, websites that are helpful, as well as products to help between sessions.

I feel so very thankful that our paths crossed! I believe with one hundred percent certainty that without her guidance and hard work my son would not be where he is today!

Kristin came into our lives at a time when we were really struggling to help our little man express himself. He was frustrated, we were stressed to the max. She has just relieved so much pressure and has shown us that we are all capable of more than we think. She’s truly a one of a kind SLP and we will be forever grateful for everything she has and continues to do for our son!!!

Kristin, thank you for everything!!    - Samantha Smith


Kristin is amazing with my son, she has him saying simple words, and letting you know when he wants something, to choosing between different things as snacks, or toys. He has come so far with his speech and signing with speaking it is amazing!! We love her, She is the greatest for our little miracle!! Thank you kristin for everything! - Michell


Kristin is wonderful! She’s a phenomenal speech therapist. Very knowledgeable and genuine. My son loves her and often is upset when she has to leave!!  We’re so thankful to have her. I highly recommend!                      - Kristina 


Miss.Nia was so wonderful to work with. She’s very patient, sweet, and caring. My son went from humming most words to speaking full sentences in just a couple of months thanks to her!   - Selena Rivera


Kristin is the most amazing speech therapist! She goes above and beyond for her kiddos. She is so patient and so kind with my son and he has come so far with her help. I highly recommend her! - Carolina Mosby



My son has been with Communication Cottage for almost a year and I couldn't be happier! Especially with Kristen!! My son doesn't take to ANYTHING new. People,places, food. And his speech was delayed. But when he met Kristen the first time he didn't shy away and hide. She brings a calming and cheerful learning atmosphere with her and it has done wonders for my son's speech and vocabulary! She takes the time to listen to not only my son but to us as family and that's worth 10stars in my opinion!!  - Jamie Bumgardner



Anyssa Bell is absolutely incredible. She was made for this!!! My grandson is showing so much improvement and LOVES to see her at the door. She is most definitely hands on and consistent with her techniques. She involves us as well. I have learned a lot from her. This company is wonderful and Anyssa is an amazing asset. Totally recommend 100%.  - Sue Watson



Absolutely love Kristin! She’s amazing and so patient with my son during their sessions. Would definitely recommend her to any parent in need of a speech therapist. - Kamille Ruffin



Mrs. Kristin is so great with our son. He looks forward to seeing her every week and responds very well to her teaching techniques.  - Sarah Zurawski



(Translated by Google) I loved working with Anissa, my daughter loves her very much, her work is excellent. Our family is happy for the progress that our baby achieved in her speech and for the weekly help that the therapies with Anissa and Amanda gave to my daughter, they are both beautiful people with our little franchi.  - Kimberlith Serrano



Kristin is such a down to earth person that truly enjoys what she does! My little brother sees her for speech and he absolutely loves her, she takes the time to connect with him to best suit his needs. She’s the best!  - Stevie-Leigh 

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